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With a specialty in workplace dynamics and modern work, we help make small changes for big impact improving how we recruit, motivate, and fuel employee engagement. Together we build workplaces that get better results for you and your people.

Employee motivation is complex.

Any of this sound familiar...

Your time and effort...

  • You've increased recruiting efforts
  • Great hires happen some of the time
  • Engagement improves with some people
  • Better data helps identify problem areas

getting limited returns.

  • But turnover is still high
  • But results are inconsistent
  • But not throughout all teams
  • But many still don't care

We see the challenge

While the world is increasingly complex

The workplace is filled with dynamics that are different from the past. Business leaders are experiencing the pressure and cost.

  • Faster Pace of Change
  • Employees Quicker to Change Jobs
  • Increased Complexity & Burnout

Insights create a talent advantage

Forward-thinking leaders are learning  new ways of engaging their teams with greater insights and more effective decisions.

  • 90% Reduced Turnover
  • 3X Increase in Employee Retention
  • 25% Increase in Productivity

Shane P.

Environmental Services Leader

With this you're going to get a different caliber of people... you're going to attract some amazing talent.

Blake S.

Operations Leader

Ryan knows how things work and can see the way the details work together.

Small shifts. Big impact.

Sustained Higher Engagement Is Built On Shared Purpose

The foundations of how we hire and lead people was designed for a time that was less complex, more predictable, and generations who prioritized different things from work. But the world has changed. What worked in the past no longer works well.

See how forward-thinking leaders attract & retain great talent.

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We offer talent insights & coaching that improve workplace dynamics and build modern workplaces that people love.

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We can help.

  • Attract Great-Fit Talent
  • Innovate a Culture of Growth
  • Increase & Sustain Productive Engagement
  • Improve Employee Retention & Results

Recruit with better insights, build amazing productive teams, and stop losing your best employees.

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Winning the Competition for Talent

Bottom line: Expectations have shifted. Leaders, have you made the right adjustments? Organizations attracting and retaining good talent are creating great workplace cultures to grow in.


Attract & Retain Your Best Employees

High turnover? Trouble finding great talent? We got you covered.

Coaching intensives retool approaches to recruiting, hiring, and leading so you can create a workplace people love and lead teams who get things done.


Build an Engaging Productive Culture

The leadership Legends group focuses on building amazing workplaces and productive growth cultures. Together we apply expertise, learn from peers, and accelerate getting real-world results.

Mark W.
Board Member & Leader

 "Ryan brings a lens of clarity and focus. It's not just about being able to see far, but about being able to see things in real detail. Almost like a microscope or a magnifying glass." 

Jessica M.
Customer Service Leader

 "Ryan has higher vision and a real gift for strategy. It's like he can see from an aerial map connected to business and entrepreneurship."