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Ryan Rigterink

Professional Speaker

Over the past 24 years Ryan has worked across four industries speaking for companies, innovating business models, popularized the concept of shared purpose, and was principle investigator studying workplace transformation. More recently Ryan founded the talent coaching company called LeadersOps to help leaders attract future-fitTM talent, build engaging workplaces, and stop losing their best employees.

Shane P.
Business Leader

 "With this you're going to get a different caliber of people... you're going to attract some amazing talent." 

Ryan Rigterink

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Yvonne D.
Business Leader

 "Ryan, you rocked the house with your presentation!"

Signature Speaking Programs

Build an Engaging Workplace Culture

You may have heard "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". But how do we create an amazing culture? In this program gain insights into proven pathways to build an amazing culture.

Attract & Retain Your Best Employees

Expectations have shifted. Have you made the right adjustments for employee recruiting and retention? In this program discover how to attract and retain great people.

More Productivity & Less Burnout

Success and great employee experiences are a team sport. In this program explore how leaders can empower each person's voice to reduce burnout and increase productivity.

Mark W.
Board Member

 "Ryan brings a lens of clarity and focus. It's not just about being able to see far, but about being able to see things in real detail. Almost like a microscope or a magnifying glass." 

Jessica M.
Customer Service Leader

 "Ryan has higher vision and a real gift for strategy. It's like he can see from an aerial map connected to business and entrepreneurship." 

Sara D.
Leadership Consultant

 "Ryan has wisdom coupled with compassion. It hits the mark." 

Blake S.
Business Leader

 "Ryan knows how things work and can see the way the details work together." 

David Y.
M & A Leader

 "I've never heard anything like it. I think it's brilliant!"

Deb B.
Professional Sales Trainer

 "Ryan's material is not fluff. It's real and cutting edge."

Jessica M.
Customer Service Leader

 "Ryan brings an openness of expanding who you are, and expanding your relationships and business." 

Rhonda H.
Professional Speaker Coach

 "Ryan, I'm still chewing on it! (a week later)" 

Why Ryan?

Having worked across 4 different industries, Ryan utilizes cross-industry experience to reframe current norms, challenge assumptions, and spark new insight. His programs deliver personalized and engaging experiences. Contact Ryan for your next business event, association meeting, or executive retreat.