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Build a better future with insights & business leaders dedicated to creating the best workplace cultures and unlocking greater results.

Join leaders creating an amazing scalable work culture.

Significantly improve your talent ROI with minimal additional effort.


Build a more authentic and mutually beneficial foundation with employees before they even start. This approach outproduces the recruiting and hiring norms everyone else is using.


Productivity is not just output, but how that output is achieved. Learn how to build leadership within your team while improving how work gets done.


Good employees have options. Learn why people work, build a meaningful and motivating shared future, and create a workplace where people thrive and make high quality referrals to.

 "With this you're going to get a different caliber of people...you're going to attract some amazing talent." 

Shane Pope
Environmental Leader

 "Ryan's material is not fluff. It's real and it's cutting edge." 

Deb Brown
Sales Leadership Coach

 "I've never heard anything like it. i think it's brilliant!" 

David Young
Mergers & Acquisitions Leader

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  • Get some concrete next steps: When you share your goals and challenges with Ryan, he will provide 2 - 4 measurable, tangible recommendations and next steps.
  • Identify and avoid roadblocks: Ryan will also help identify risks and roadblocks you might face and provide practical steps to avoid them.

Who is Leaders Ops for?

Leaders Ops is designed for leaders looking to build an amazing team & lead workplaces where people thrive. The core of Leaders Ops Legends focuses on 4 key people leadership challenges.

  • Finding & hiring great people
  • Building high sustainable engagement
  • Optimizing productivity without burnout
  • Retaining great producers

Leaders Ops is part coaching, part community, and all focused on achieving better results with less stress.

Jessica M.
Customer Service Leader

 "Ryan has higher vision and a real gift for strategy. It's like he can see from an aerial map connected to business and entrepreneurship." 

Mark W.
Business Owner

 "Ryan brings a lens of clarity and focus. It's not just about being able to see far, but about being able to see things in real detail. Almost like a microscope or a magnifying glass." 

Group Coaching

Face your biggest challenges, simplify the complex, and recruit and lead with strategic insight and better results for you & your people

Quarterly Planning

Private planning calls to tackle your highest priorities, plan the next steps, and build out whatever is needed to make it happen.

Community of Peers

A private space to ask questions, start discussions, get valuable peer input, and learn from other leader's experiences. 

Insight Tools

Strategic insights empower you to make better hiring decisions, fuel your team's best work, and lead your team with less frustration.

Randy O.
Business Leader

 "Ryan takes a (leadership) stance that goes against standard convention, but it has a purpose." 

Mark W.
Business Owner

 "Ryan has wisdom that the world needs to see and not just hear." 

Heather N.
Team Leader

 "(Ryan) I can feel your heart of compassion for people." 

Sara D.
Leader Consultant

 "Ryan has wisdom coupled with compassion. It hits the mark." 

Jessica M.
Customer Service Leader

 "Ryan brings an openness of expanding who you are, expanding your relationships & business." 

Blake S.
Business Leader

 "Ryan knows how things work and can see the way the details work together." 

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